Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Cerumen Obsturan

1 definition

Under a cerumen means the complete closure of the external ear canal through a plug of wax .
ICD10 code: H61.2

2 Pathogenesis

A cerumen can be triggered (eg after bathing) by overproduction, reduced secretion drainage or swelling of ear wax. A common cause is the "telescoping" a graft by excessive cleaning of the ear canal with a cotton swab. Other causes come a close ear canal or irritating foreign body (ear plugs, hearing aids) into consideration.

3 Symptoms

The cerumen is the leading cause of sudden, unilateral deafness. conductive hearing loss ). Sufferers complain of a numb, "cottony" feeling in the ear, which is sometimes accompanied by pain in the ear canal.


4 Therapy

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